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20 Hotseats — Pilot Election Website Tracking GE15 Races

APRIL 12, 2021


20 Hotseats — Pilot Election Website Tracking GE15 Races

Almost all Malaysians are not aware who the election candidates they have to choose from until days after Nomination Day, which would mean they have approximately 8 to 10 days Voting Day. Therefore, they have a very short time to form an opinion on who can best represent them in Parliament.

The lack of information reduces the democratic principle of informed choice. Early and timely information can also empower voters to feedback early to the parties about their candidates. In fact the website will offer information to party members, as often discussions on candidates and seat negotiations are not revealed to party member.

KUASA’s Election Website will track for a start 20 parliamentary races, providing the following:

  • Information about the constituency

  • Information about previous contests

  • Information on the possible or confirmed candidates based on news and internal party sources. The information will be periodically updated to reflect shifts and announcements.

  • Information on the local issues for the race. The information will be periodically updated.

  • Social media tracking of the candidates

  • Links to further information on candidates, parties and issues related to the race.

KUASA will continue to collect information about the races from parties, groups/associations like village committees and resident associations and private citizens.

The information can also be resource for media organisations.

Interesting developments:

P.98 Gombak: Azmin Ali expects company from Umno and PKR. It is speculated that Menteri Besar Amiruddin Shari will contest in Gombak.

P.143 Pagoh: With the Umno and Bersatu split, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin faces a stern test from his ex Umno division, headed by his former deputy Ismail Mohamed.

P.121 Lembah Pantai: PKR Communications Chief Fahmi Fadzil possibly has double trouble as former footballer turned politician, Umno Lembah Pantai Chief Ramlan Askolani, lies in wait, along with possibly a surprise with corporate captain turned politician, Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Tengku Aziz, joining the fray.

Chase the frogs. Umno and PKR seek to hit those who won on their ticket and then made the exodus to Bersatu. Seven of the twenty seats covered fall in this category. A sense of revenge is in the air.

Multi-corner fights are going to be common.

The pilot is for 20 seats due to resource limitations. There is potential to grow the number of seats to cover, including those in Sabah and Sarawak. The website is in Malay only for now, and English section will be added.

The project is presently self-funded and KUASA seeks to crowdfund the project. Donations can be made to Persatuan KUASA, so that we can improve the capacity of the project and help millions of Malaysians to make informed decisions at the polling booth.

Donations can be made to:

Bank: CIMB


Account No: 8010712429

Statement by Persatuan KUASA committee

Please contact Praba Ganesan 013 3939484 for more information.

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